Sunshine Kids Club

New Kids Club Built From Storage Containers

A new local Sunshine Kids Club is set to open after the new year thanks to a heads up contractor and a fantastic donation by the national storage container company, Storage Container Pros. With little resources and money to build the much needed kids club, head contractor Steven Smith, thought about the possibility of creating a fun, active building for kids to play in made from storage containers. Steven had seen on television that houses were being made from old shipping containers, and thought he would make a few calls to see if this was a possibility. After speaking with a local representative from Storage Container Pros, Steven was put into contact with the head marketing manager of Storage Container pros, Mike Laferty. Mike thought it would be a great idea to donate a few older storage containers to the local kids club, with the hopes of some good press.

Storage Container Pros was able to find eight, twenty foot used storage containers, and five, forty foot storage containers to be donated to the kids club. Once the storage containers were hauled to ope plot of land, Steven Smith was able to do some basic welding to ensure the storage containers were secure and safe for the kids to play in. The insides of the storage containers needed some work, like electricity, plumbing, and walling. But the interesting part was the outside of the new building. The kids will be encouraged to use their creative skills to draw nice murals on the outside, and use their creative minds to express themselves. Sunshine Kids Club would once again like to thank Storage Container pros and contractor Steven Smith with doing a great job helping the local community.